Savvy Feeder

Why you should  be using a SAVVY FEEDER.


savvy feeder
Have you gotten your savvy on.

They reduce the chance of your horse ingesting sand, manure, urine soaked bedding or hay, rocks, parasites – anything you can dream up the savvy feeder will keep your hay off of the ground.

They allow your horse to forage in a natural manner with their head down like they are grazing, which will create proper jaw alignment and help the natural chewing motion, and greatly reducing the risk of guttural pouch infection.

They make a more content horse, creating calmness when eating; eliminating boredom, nervousness, and frustration.

They will prolong feeding approximately 4 to 10 times as long as eating from the ground, which will also reduce ulcer rates.

No more chasing blowing hay, or hay being tromped into the muddy ground or stepped on by the picky eaters.

You can spend more time riding a relaxed horse and less time spent on feeding time.

And a reason that should really be closer to the top spot,  money.

The money you will save in hay loss is incredible.

Where can you use your SAVVY FEEDER?

The slow hay feeder that is safe and  goes anywhere and everywhere;

savvy feedersthe stall, the paddock, the trailer, the show, and the hitching post.

Places where you can  use your SAVVY FEEDER.

  • In the Stall
  • At Home
  • At the Show
  • On The Road
  • At the Camp/ Hitching post
  • In the Paddock

Where ever you want to use it,  YOU can use it!

How much does the SAVVY FEEDER hold?


The savvy feeder will hold up to 18 lbs of grass hay or up to 25 lbs of tightly baled thick hay like alfalfa.

If your horse does not require that much hay per feeding then just fill with the lesser amount needed, the feeder will still provide all the great benefits.

Your horse will enjoy and gain all of the benefits of the simulated grazing time instead of just plopping their hay on to the dirty ground, stall floor, or using a hay net.

How big is the SAVVY FEEDER?


The savvy feeder measures:

  • #24 lbs.
  • 18″ tall
  • 20″ square at the top
  • 24″ square on the bottom
  • The Savvy feeder has a tapered square shape, the bottom is wider then the top, so your horse may push it around but will find it difficult to tip over.
  • It is light weight at 24lbs- less then your average saddle- so it is  super easy to take with you.
  • It is highly durable –  this feeder is the work horse of feeders and is made of a strong, slightly flexible plastic (LLDPE) that a horse just can not destroy – even in the coldest of winter temperatures.
  • The floating grate is made of the same safe, flexible plastic (LLDPE).


Peppermint Pony and her Savvy Feeder.
Peppermint Pony and her Savvy Feeder.

Other fun +++ of the SAVVY FEEDER.

  • You can purchase the savvy feeder in several sharp colors.
  • Personalize your feeder with your name, your stable’s name, or your horse’s name with a beautiful polished name plate.
  • They make wonderful gifts for your horse friends or awards gifts for your horse events or the show ring.


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