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Savvy Feeder in dark gray

Dark Gray Savvy Feeder  $299.00


Savvy Feeder in tan

Tan Savvy Feeder  $299.00


Savvy Feeder in light gray

Light Savvy Feeder  $299.00


personalization plate

Personalized Plate  $20.00


Replacement Grate - Original

Original Replacement Grate  $65.00


Replacement Grate - Large

Large Replacement Grate  $65.00


Replacement Grate - Small

Small Replacement Grate  $65.00

factory seconds

Factory Seconds Savvy Feeder  $279.00

Please inquire about our factory seconds. These may have a few scratches but still work great!

We offer awesome discounts for multiple feeder purchases also. Just ask us about them.



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