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Welcome! I am BL Barnett , an independent artist, living in Iowa.

My jewelry’s theme is Horses, Mules, Catahoula Dogs, and wildlife. I am self taught  in the artisan of  metalwork, in particular the precious metal of Silver. I have no one else  helping me make my items, except on occasion I will pull my daughter in on a project to bounce ideas off of.


My passions are my horses, my mules and my Catahoula dogs, which I reflect in my jewelry pieces.

My home and studio are located on a beautiful wooded acreage along the Des Moines River in the heart of Iowa. I gain inspiration from my own animals and use them for my references and models. Occasionally I will ask someone  for the use of their photograph to create a piece.

The medium I am using  is Precious Metal Clay also known as PMC. PMC was invented in the 1990s by a company called Mitsubishi as a way to use silver from discarded electronics and more; therefore, all of my pieces contain at least 40% silver from industrial waste. What a way to be green!

All of the pieces I design  are 99.9%  Fine Silver or 99.9% Silver or 96.2% silver or a new Sterling Silver. All  of the jump rings, wires, and ear wires will be  either Sterling or Argentium Silver. Somes times I will use brass or bronze for contrast or to complement the piece.

My pieces are all  lovingly hand created and carved. I will start my idea as a doodle  or thumbnail on paper then move my design process to my computer working out a design or a drawing more accurately. I will then move that idea to my Silver, working it and carving it creating an heirloom quality piece.



donkey pendants

donkey heart pendant

two mule heads

More  original equine related merchandise coming soon .

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